Miss Kitty Victorian

~ Purrrfect Ecdysiast

When searching for the quintessence of burlesque and character performance, one need look no further than Kitty Victorian. As Washington, DC’s most recognized name in Burlesque, Kitty is a master of the art of the classic strip tease in addition to her growing reputation as a character performer and impersonator. Kitty’s influence has expanded well beyond the DC metro area through her performances in cities across the US and Canada. Her tantalizing, titillating and often comedic performances leave audiences in awe and aching for more.

As a burlesque performer, Kitty conquered DC in 2004, when she founded DC’s first burlesque troupe, the DC Gurly Show. Since 2005, the troupe has held numerous performances at Club Chaos and Kitty has produced many successful shows for the troupe at other venues, including the Crucible, Palace of Wonders and Club Chaos. As a producer and director, Kitty has branched out from the DC Gurly show to produce a multitude of other professional burlesque and variety shows in DC and Baltimore at theaters, bars, and clubs, and has brought in guest performers from Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, LA, Reno and Las Vegas.

Kitty Victorian has been teaching burlesque since 2003 and opened the proverbial doors of Burlesque University in Washington, DC September of 2006.  Since then, Burlesque University has been a huge success and has opened its doors in Baltimore, Richmond, Chicago, Phoenix, Tucson, Fresno and Reno.

A master of the art of the tease, Kitty is a very versatile performer. Her performance ability extends beyond burlesque to a plethora of other creative talents. A skilled impersonator, Kitty has many characters in her repertoire including but not limited to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and flapper girls. Additionally, she is a skilled singer and go-go dancer.

A highly skilled performer, Kitty stands out in any situation not only from her beauty and skill, but also for her professionalism. Her life and work experiences outside of performance art allow her to bring to the table excellent business management, interpersonal skills, and charm, as is apparent through feedback from both from other producers as well as private clients.  For the best in burlesque, character performance, and professionalism, the best candidate, whatever the occasion, is Kitty Victorian.


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