Learn the art of the tease with both drop in classes and an intensive 6 week course that will bring you from bedroom bombshell to stage starlet!  Classes available in Peoria and Tempe.

The new digest for the Atomic Age!

Bachelor Pad Magazine is a digest-sized (5.5" x 8") quarterly publication that has subscribers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, and all around the globe. BPM is the best place to reach cool cats and krazy kittens from around the world!

The Pinup Angels are "Pinups Supporting Our Troops".  The Pinup Angels were created in the spring of 2007 by Miss Kitty Baby - a U. S. Marine and Lola Dee - a sister to two Marines.  We are currently staffed by a team of hardworking pin-up girls from all over the USA. 

The Savoy Hop Cats love dance, live music and late nights. The dance floor at any Savoy Hop Cats event is always live, and the entire room buzzes with energy.  Savoy Night  is the best thing to do in the Valley on Monday nights, and is the perfect place for singles, couples and groups alike! A Savoy Hop Cat event is about the only place you can go out by yourself and still have a blast.

As leader of the blues bar pack, the Rhythm Room rolls up its sleeves to unearth Phoenix's blues and R&B roots. The barroom lures top bands seven nights a week, digging deep for local treasures and searching far afield for national acts. In between a wall of bar and a wall of stage, experienced pros and new cats mingle, knowing full well that this is a place of preeminent musicians.

Our jewelry creator, Robert Spickard, who makes all the jewelry on both this site and our Etsy site, uses the ancient and venerable lost wax process. He has been making & selling beautiful jewelry for thirty years. He creates work that is noted for its high quality and meticulous finishing. Original designs include fantasy pieces and his interpretation of ancient or antique objects. Jewelry in our Historical Gallery is reproduced from European, Asian or American antique pieces ranging from buttons to sword fittings, all adapted to beautiful jewelry.

"It's like Willie Nelson crashed into Prince and Tom Petty saw the whole thing," muses Jef Taylor about his unique mix of country, funk and soul. He calls it CountryFunk, and his first CD, Southern Soul, has just been released. Taylor is a charismatic mix of pedigree (Berklee College of Music), ability (multi-instrumentalist, writer-composer), and unabashed flair. On stage, there's no trace of self consciousness, just something pure and alive, and it's what makes his performances so electric.

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow is a dazzling troupe of professional, experienced performers specializing in astounding feats and amazing oddities: sword swallowing, fire eating, extreme physical stunts (human blockhead, bed of nails, glass walking), contortion, magic, mentalism, escapes, human and animal anomalies, and more.

Clownvis is a natural daredevil on stage, using dangerous items like fireworks, topless girls and his own invention, the Anti-Gravity Freedom Rocket ™.  He hosts a true variety show. He might take a phone call from Chubby Checker, perform magic or host his own commercial break. You never know what to expect, but you know you will be a lifelong Clownvis fan by the curtain call.

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