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Miss Kitty Victorian's Burly Gurly 101
Reprinted with permission

Washington City Paper: Vol. 25 No. 18 May 6-12, 2005 pg.116

By Sarah Godfrey

Being a porn star may not be easy, but it doesn't really require any sort of specialized skill, either. Most adults are physically up to performing the basic ins and outs of the job, even if they lack the star quality of, say a Jesse Jane or a Lexington Steele. Burlesque, on the other and, though distantly related to the modern-day fuck flick, qualifies as an art form that takes practice, devotion, and not a little natural talent. And, unlike, taking on the starring role in Gang Bang 12: Let The Whole Crew Get On, trying on a pair of tasseled pasties is something that one might sanely consider doing – especially if the fabulous Kitty Victorian is there to hold your hand. During her workshop, Miss Kitty Victorian's Burly Gurly 101, the renowned performer will be your tour guide through the land of fishnets and feathers. In addition to giving instructions that explore the subtle art of the tease, Miss Kitty will explain the history of burlesque, from the scantily clad comediennes who started it all back in the 1800s to those insipid Pussycat Dolls, who have recently reinvigorated the medium. Attendees will also get information about Kitty's monthly burlesque showcase, in case they decided to sow off what they've learned. And those brave women who make the leap from private dancer to public performer will prove to the world, and themselves, that burlesque is much more than merely porn without the pink...

Dance Burlesque
Reprinted with permission
Washington Post: Sunday, February 13, 2005; Page M07

By Kelly DiNardo

Take it from a professional -- Velcro is just not hot. "It catches on everything," admonishes Kitty Victorian, burlesque dancer extraordinaire, with a wink. "It will snag and destroy bits of your costume like your fishnets and satin gloves. And while it makes taking your costume off a little easier, the noise is just not sexy."

A well-known local performer, Kitty is on a mission to bring the saucy, seductive world of burlesque dancing to D.C., one bump and grind at a time. So on this chilly afternoon in February, the ten women present had sloshed through the snow to spend two hours under her befeathered tutelage. Near the end of the workshop, there we were: half-dressed, arms lifted -- while wearing bright sequined pasties. We'd graduated to twirling the tassels after taking turns slowly peeling off elbow-length satin gloves to the thumping beat of "The Stripper." Over to the right, I heard: "Ohhhh! It tickles!" as the whole class broke into laughter. It came with the territory: Bawdy, tongue-in-cheek humor is an important part of burlesque. You can have a slow, classic striptease or choreograph a fast and furious dance.

What to Expect: No stripper's pole here -- this isn't a dance-centered class where you'll learn specific moves. Burlesque is all about the tease and emphasizes humorous elements in the routines. Attitude and confidence make it sexy -- no matter what your body type is. The atmosphere at Kitty's class is playful, encouraging and fun. Much of the time is spent sitting and talking about everything from the history of striptease to trade secrets, in the form of spirited maxims like "You can never have too much glitter!" Kitty covers all the aspects of uncovering: how to develop your own signature act (naughty schoolgirl, anyone?); the importance of the right song -- "Less than three minutes is too fast, and more than five loses the audience's attention." And even though most of it is supposed to come off, Kitty explains how picking the right costume is essential. (Avoid matching your background or you'll look like a floating head on stage.) Finally, you'll learn the time-honored craft of applying pasties -- and making them stay on. (Too much sweat, lotion and glitter can make those babies slide right off.)

What to Bring: Wear a button-down shirt you can easily doff when it's time to put on the pasties. Slipping into high heels and fishnets will also help you tap into your inner sexpot.

The Cost: From $15 for Kitty's class to $75 per hour for a deluxe personal tutorial.

PHD in Burlesque: School for Peelers Teaches Ecdysiastic Arts to Promising Neophytes

Reprinted with permission
Outlook Weekly, Columbus OH
Oct 20-Oct 19
Vol 10 No 19

It's hard not to think of burlesque when you think of cabaret. When searching for the true quintessence of burlesque, you need look no further than Miss Kitty Victorian, Purrr-fect Ecdysiast. Her classic sophistication paired with her exciting body and engaging eyes will leave you aching for more.

The mystique of this radiant beauty lays behind her many talents. One never knows what is to come when Miss Kitty Victorian emerges on the stage. Will it be a mystifying feat of striptease as she dangles in mid-air? Will it be a daring dance of fire? One never knows...

If you want to learn how to seduce the masses then Miss Kitty Victorian, Purrr-fect Ecdysiast (DC), is here to the rescue with her talents and teachings. From the slow tantalizing peel of the glove to the classic bumps and grinds of yesteryear, to the artful skill of twirling tassels, Kitty will leave you with your eyes popping and your mouth watering - wanting more.

Miss Victorian, a 3-year veteran to the world of burlesque produces a monthly show DC Gurly Show: Burlesque Revue where she has cultivated and nurtured the seductress in each of her troupe members. The monthly show comes separate from Tease-O-Rama in San Francisco and her latest debut at the Derby in Los Angeles. Kitty has also appeared at the 9:30 Club (DC), The Abbey (Chicago), and the Cajun House (Phoenix) just to name a few.

Kitty lends her talents and expertise to those interested in burlesque, starting with the history to the downfall and then the revival of the art of the tease before sharing with you the tricks of the trade. Come, Lady Marmalade, you know you want to!


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